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Heuberger, Richard Franz Joseph
Richard Franz Joseph Heuberger
June 18, 1850 – October 28, 1914

Austrian composer Richard Franz Joseph Heuberger was a man of mixed talents. During the span of his life he was a music critic, novelist, as well as a composer.

He did not begin exploring composition. Instead, he studied engineering, but later abandoned it in favor of music. He enrolled at the Graz Conservatory, and after completing his studies, moved to Vienna. After some time he found himself in a number of posts, including director of the Vienna Men’s Choral Association, a chorus master, conductor, and teacher.

He wrote operas, ballets, choral works as well as songs, and also arranged the works of other composers. Later he attempted operettas. It was with this new style that Heuberger found fame. His piece Der Opernball was acclaimed, and is still regularly performed in Germany today.

Notable works:
Der Opernball
Die Lautenschlägerin
Abenteuer einer Neujahrsnacht
Manuel Venegas
Don Quixote

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