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Geminiani, Francesco
Francesco Geminiani
December 5, 1687 – September 17, 1762

Francesco Geminiani was an Italian composer. He was originally educated in music in Milan, and later moved to Rome. There he studied under important composers such as Corelli and Alessandro Scarlatti. His career expanded as he held a number of positions across Italy, however success was elusive. It was only upon his arrival in London that he achieved significant fame.

Geminiani was quickly recognized as a master violinist. He began publishing his works. Later he made repeated trips to Ireland to perform, and publish, and also conduct. Later in life he receded into teaching and writing.

Geminiani is well known for his virtuosity with the violin. His skill at the instrument surpassed all previously known proficiency. He is also known for his instructional manuals. The manuals provided harpsichord and violin instruction for advanced students and soloists, an approach previously not avoided by manuals at that time.

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