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Glazunov, Alexander
Alexander Glazunov
August 10, 1865 – March 21, 1936

Alexander Glazunov was a Russian composer, who strangely had little Russian influences in his work. Others, by constrast, included Russian folk elements into their compositions. Instead, Glazunov borrowed considerably from the German style. He also took an interest in individual instruments, and studied piano, strings, horns, and woodwinds in depth. Because of this, Glazunov’s work is known for its devotion to form, and its appreciation of counterpoint.

Glazunov was recognized as a talent from an early age. At 15 he enrolled in the St. Petersburg Conservatory, and studied under the great Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. At only 16 he had his first symphony performed, which brought him instant success. He drew from eclectic influences, and expressed them in symphonies, ballets, and concertos.

He toured in London and Paris, and was eventually named head of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Political changes in the Soviet Union left Glazunov dissatisfied, so he left, and settled in Paris. He died there in 1936.

Notable works:
Violin Concerto in A Minor

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