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Gliere, Reinhold
Reinhold Glière
January 11, 1875 – June 23, 1956

Reinhold Glière’s musical career spanned important times in the Soviet Union, including the Russian Revolution, and two world wars. Through it all Glière’s work was known for its staunch nationalistic themes. His style was hallmarked by attractive melodies, clever orchestration, and bold passages.

Glière began his schooling in Kiev, studying violin there. He graduated with honors, including a gold medal for composition. Beginning with his Third Symphony, his compositions were noticed and celebrated, and led to a directorship in Kiev in 1913. Later he accepted a position at the Moscow Gnesin School of Music.

His nationalistic themes found favor with the Soviet government, and he was appointed as chairman to the Soviet Composers’ Union.

Glière produced an incredible amount of work during his career. However it was his ballets, with those of Tchaikovsky’s, that defined the future of Russian ballet.

Notable works:
The Red Flower
Lope de Vega

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