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Bellini, Vincenzo
Vincenzo Bellini
November 3, 1801 – September 23, 1835

Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini was a Sicilian composer known for his opera compositions.

He was born into music. Both his father and grandfather were professional musicians. This contributed to Bellini studying music at two years of age. He continued his education formally at the Royal College of Music of San Sebastiano, growing from a student into a teacher, and then primo maestrino by 1924. It was here he began composing the operas for which he became known.

His first public opera, Bianca e Gernando, fared decently, but it was his next, Il pirata, that cemented Bellini’s fame. His career continued to soar, marked by few failed operas, and highlighted with his signature use of long, evolving melodic lines. This success allowed Bellini to support himself on his work, choosing to compose fewer operas of higher quality.

He died at 33 at the height of his fame in France.

Notable works:
I Capuleti ed i Montecchi
La sonnambula
Beatrice di Tenda
I puritani

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