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Suppe, Franz von
Franz von Suppe
April 18, 1819 – May 21, 1895

Franz von Suppé was responsible for producing immensely popular operettas in Austria, at a time when Frenchman Jacques Offenbach’s works were sweeping Europe.

Suppé’s parents discouraged his interest in music, despite the fact that he showed skill in composition even as a boy. Instead, Suppé studied philosophy, and later, law, and medicine. His love of music persisted during visits to Milan, where he enjoyed operas. He eventually abandoned his studies and pursued music by enrolling in the Vienna Conservatory. He supported himself by teaching Italian part time.

He was hired as a conductor in various positions while he continued to write operas. His first notable piece, The Poet and the Peasant, was largely ignored at first. Later The Country Girl brought him success, which grew steadily as he released additional operas.

His work was distinguished for providing a Viennese style intended to offset the overwhelming popularity of the French operas from Offenbach.

Notable works:
Poet and Peasant
The Country Girl
Light Cavalry Overture

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