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Von Weber, Carl Maria
Carl Maria von Weber
November 18, 1786 – June 4, 1826

Carl Maria von Weber was a German composer known for pioneering German Romanticism in his operas. His pieces developed a German nationalistic style. He also wrote notable works that featured woodwinds.

Weber was the son of a talented violinist and a singer. As such, Weber received excellent musical instruction from his family, and also from private tutors. Weber began publishing fughettas and operas, and also wrote as an opera critic. It wasn’t until his opera Peter Schmoll that Weber first experienced wide praise. This success led him to a directorship at the Beslau Opera, which reformed under his guidance. He composed prolifically, toured across Germany, and held posts in Prague, Berlin, and Dresden.

He wrote his most remarkable pieces as responses to the Italian operatic style later in his career: Der Freischutz, Euryanthe, and Oberon were all successes. He died in 1888.

Weber was a skilled pianist, and his pieces for that instrument influenced later composers. Similarly, his operas had an impact on Wagner, Mahler, and others. His sacred music was also popular. He was also respected for his orchestration, which was often imitated by later writers.

Notable works:
Peter Schmoll
Der Freischütz

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