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Become a Affiliate

Refer sales to and make 10% commission

Using the Affiliate Program, you can earn 10% commission on all sales that you refer to us.

The program works like other Affiliate programs. In short terms, you place a special link code on your site, which links to our site. If somebody follows that link, our site knows that the customer came from your site. If the customer ends up making a purchase, we will pay you 10% of the purchase sum.

Even if the customer doesn't make a purchase right away, but comes back to our site any time within 7 days and makes a purchase, you will get the 10%. Our site "remembers" for 7 days that the customer came from you, even if he did not follow that link when he actually placed the order.

Repeat customers can sign up as an Affiliate and then use their own Affiliate link when making their own purchases, thus effectively earning a discount, or "cash-back", of 10% on all purchases. We do require that you actually place the affiliate link on your website, though.

Even if you don't have an actual website that you adminster, you can still be an Affilate by placing the affiliate link on, say, your MySpace page, your Facebook page, your Blogger page, or similar.

If you have multiple sites, you can place the same affiliate link on as many different sites and pages as you like.

A few stipulations and terms:

  • You will be paid by Paypal once every 3 months, if your earnings are above $25. If your earnings are less than $25, they will simply sit in your Affiliate account with us, until the next period. We do not pay out amounts smaller than $25.

  • Should you wish to "spend" your Affiliate earnings by purchasing products from us, we can do this. We don't have an automated system for this, but contact us and we'll take care of it.

Please fill in this form to apply:

Your full name:

Your company name (optional):

Street address:



Zip-code / Post code:


Your email address:

Your Paypal email address (for making payments to you):

The URL of your web site or other site where you will be posting the affilate link:

Any other notes or comments? (optional):

Finally, here is a check to see if you are a human. If the two words are too difficult to read, please click the icon below the words to get a new challenge.



Banners & Flashes for linking to us:

First, we want to say that you don't need to use a graphic banner to link to us. A regular Text Link will do fine. You can describe our site as "Resources for Stock Music Downloads", "Online Music Licensing Service", "Royalty-Free Music for Film and Media", "Music Library for WAV/MP3 download" or really any other text or presentation you want to use when linking to us. The below graphic logos are optional.

Leaderboard Flash graphic (728 x 90):

Click here to download .swf Flash file

Click here to download .swf Flash file

The above Flash objects can be placed on your site and can function as your Affiliate link by placing your unique Affiliate link (which we will give you when you sign up) into the HTML of your page like this: "sws_leaderboard_grey.swf?link="

Leaderboard JPG graphic files (728 x 90):

Full banner (468 x 60):

Mini banner (243 x 60):

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