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Download Sound Effects WAV files from Shockwave-Sound.Com
Downloadable Sound Effects WAV files from Shockwave-Sound.Com

Here is a current overview of Sound Effect genres in our ever expanding online Sound Library.

Click on any genre name to list all the WAV sound files available in that category.

Button, menu, Click sounds, Multimedia sounds

Sounds for Flash sites, Interactive CDROM presentations, Menu screens, and so on. Button clicks, Mouseover hover sounds, Sweeps and swishes, etc. These files are very useful in sound design, Flash development and any application where user input is central.


Space & Sci-fi Sounds

Futuristic space sounds, space whooshes, spacecraft, eerie Sci-fi sounds, otherworldly drones, lazers and weird oscillations.


Nature sounds & Environmental sounds

Beautiful sounds of nature, rivers, streams, forests. Sounds of birds singing, waterfalls, jungle ambiences, rainfall sounds and much more.


Action sounds, impact sounds, explosion sounds

Face punch sounds, karate swishes, battlefield sounds, war sounds, explosion sounds, fire sounds, arrow impact sounds and, much much more.


Gun sounds, Weapon sounds, shooting sounds

Automatic weapons, cannons, heavy machine guns, military radio sounds, shotgun sounds, bullet shells and bullet impact sounds, etc.


Footsteps, Footstep sounds

Sounds of people walking, running, sneaking and jumping on various surfaces including wooden floors, concrete, dry leaves, etc.


Crowd sounds, People sounds, Crowd ambience

Riot sounds, TV studio crowd applauses, sports crowds cheering, large and small applause sounds, general noise of people in malls, airports, busy streets and much more.

Horror sounds, Monster sounds, Scary sounds

Werewolf sounds, monster grunting sounds, eerie and spooky graveyard sound effects, ghost sounds, alien sounds, haunted houses, Halloween sounds, beasts eating flesh and a lot more.


Industry sounds, Machine sounds, Factory sounds

Conveyor belt sounds, factory ambiences, industrial stampers and presses, heavy sheet metal sounds, disc sanders, hammers and chainsaws, metal pipes and pneumatic drill sounds - and so much more.


Cartoon sounds, Comedy sounds, Funny sounds

Sounds for cartoons and silly comedy productions. Wacky and crazy comedy sounds, boings and bounces, swishes and pings, crashes and accidents, silly farts and magical swirls.


Household sounds, Home sounds, Everyday sounds

A lot of variety sounds here, including knives and forks, shower sounds, water taps, cardboard and paper rip sounds, lots of door opening and door closing sounds, keys and windows, and a lot more.


Traffic sounds, Car sounds, Vehicles, Aircraft, Transport

Sounds of airplanes, freight train sounds, lots of racing car sounds, engine sounds, city ambiences, subway station sounds, auto drive by sounds, and more.


Casino sounds, Playing cards sounds, Slot machine sounds

Sound effects for gambling games, poker chips, playing cards, dice sounds, pinball machine sound effects, casino ambient sounds, billiard sounds, etc. Also sounds of Amusement parks, casual games, video games, rollercoaster rides and more.


Human Sounds, Vocal utterances, Spoken phrases, Gasping, Laughing, etc

On this page you'll find hundreds of sounds of human beings, be it recorded voices, gasping, breathing, gargling and babbling, laughing and cackling... well, you get the idea.

Robot sounds, Robot voices, Computer voices

Recordings of computer voices, robot speaking, robotics vocalizing, various phrases spoken by computers and robots.


Musical sounds, Idents, little musical "jingles"

Short musical stingers for use as desktop sounds, you've got mail, reminder notification, window pop-up, Outlook sounds, Windows startup, etc.


Miscellaneous sounds, Various sound effects

Sound effects which would not easily fit into any of the above categories, including Sports sounds, Golf sounds, football sounds, grandfather clock sounds, downhill skiing sounds, eagle sounds and much, much more.


High Definition Sounds, High resolution Sound-FX

These sounds are recorded, produced and delivered in High Definition, 24-bit, 48-khz for increased clarity and dynamics. Extra useful for the High-end professional media production market.


Nature Sound Series - 60-min continuous nature sound CD's

Here you'll find our popular and highly regarded series of beautifully recorded, 100% natural on-location nature sound recordings, each one playing for a full 60 minutes uninterrupted, and each one available either with or without the addition of soft relaxation music mixed in.



Completely FREE sound effects

In addition to all our fully professional sound effects that we have created ourselves and that we own the rights to, we have also gathered a nice collection of completely free sound effects, that are yours to use freely for personal and non-profit purposes. We did not create these sound effects, we have only gathered them for you. Feel free to download these free WAV files, and if there is something you can't find in the Freebie section, then try our professional (paid) sound effects library.

Our free sound effects so far: Car sounds, Rain sounds, Wind sounds, Bat sounds, Ocean sounds, Monster sounds, Slot Machine sounds, Water sounds, Gun sounds, war sounds / battle sounds, Christmas sounds / christmas MIDI, Scream sounds, Explosion sounds, Traffic Sounds, Nature sounds, Jungle sounds, Motorcycle sounds, Wild Animal sounds, Crowd sounds, Cartoon sounds and comedy sounds, Fart sounds, Fighting sounds / Combat sounds, Footstep sounds, Halloween sounds, Human sounds, Laughing Sounds.


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