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Dear friends and customers of Shockwave-Sound.Com

I am happy and proud to be able to announce our new sister site: -- the start of what we believe with become the autoritative web site for browsing, buying, and downloading professional sound effect files online.

The site officially "went live" on May 19, 2009, with just over 10,000 sound files in the catalogue; however this is only the beginning. Already by the time you read this, the site is likely to have many times that number of sounds, instantly available to listen, preview, purchase and download in CD-quality or higher resolution.

At the time of writing, has been online for just over 9 years and has enjoyed a steady, healthy growth in sales as well as visitor numbers and music selection. We'd like to do the same thing with 1Soundfx. We are patient and we know that it takes time to build a successful and trusted brand.

We will continue to work diligently on 1Soundfx, as indeed on, for many years into the future. We hope to see a healthy, steady growth over the years, as we have done at for all these years. - a great site for hearing and downloading sound files


So, what's so great about

We feel that is the most efficient, quick, easy and friendly site on the web today, from which to preview, buy and download sound effect files. Every sound in the catalogue is of high professional quality, with no amateur recordings in between.

The searching, browsing, previewing and downloading process is streamlined and efficient. Payment is handled by the industry standard Paypal (via Paypal account or using any VISA or Mastercard).

Once you've created a free user account, you can log in any time to see your past purchases and re-download the sounds any time you want. You can also view your credit history and print tax invoices from within your user account.

As a way to tempt people back to the site every now and then, offers five new completely free sounds each week, downloadable from the "Free sounds download" section within the user account.

The actual sounds on the site come from a variety of professional sound development houses, many of whom have worked on the sound design for Hollywood movies, world top selling PlayStation- and X-Box games, installations and other applications all over the world. Airborne Sound, Architect of Sound, Lynne Publishing, Manhattan Audiophile and The Sound FX Bible are only some of the great people who painstakingly recorded and/or designed, developed the sounds. We also have freelance recordists working for us in many areas of the world including Sweden, Canada, U.S., Norway, Indonesia, New Zealand, UK and other locations.

With this introduction, I'd like to welcome you all to check out and to create a free account to check out the "inside" of this site and to download your weekly five free sound fx files. Hope to see you there soon!

One of the sound recordists contributing to, doing his thing
One of the sound recordists contributing to, doing this thing.

About the author: Bjorn Lynne constantly finds himself inspired by new sounds and new directions in music and sound design. He started composing music on his Amiga computer around 1990 and from then on has gone on to produce more than 20 music albums, worked for 10 years as an Audio Manager in a video games development company, started his own business Lynne Publishing, (which owns and runs, scored music for film and TV, and produced a large amount of Stock Music and Sound Effects for the library. He lives with his wife and his daughter in an idyllic seaside town in Norway.

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